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Friday, March 17, 2017

Illogical idea ruled internet--especially social networking sites.

When I login to tumblr, I saw below post as today's blog:

screenshot of (@tyleroakley) tumblr's post
The Weeknd Hair tweeted - "if you cheat on ya girl once a month thats only 12/365 still 97% faithful. That's an A+"
Thanksgiving Kirkey tweeted - "Actually, if you ever read the syllabus, getting caught cheating results in an automatic 0%"

Three hundred twenty six thousands and six hundred nine people are shared--reblogged or liked this post or reacted this post.

If you think that is good excuse or funny, I will ask this:
So you are saying your are soooo handsome and cool guy that you can hook up a girl in a second? And make romantic involvement in a day?
And you are saying you are staying--not going to work or even go work with her?--with your girlfriend for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year? And you are saying you think about her every moment for 365 days a year?
* Are you Korean? Not whole Korean couples do but many, probably young couples do video call(or voice call) for long hours. Some of them even turn on video call during their work.

If that’s the case, you can say one day(not once, exact amount for one day) a month cheating on her for one year should 12/365 days. If not, you have completely wrong idea about real life.

And don’t think about some illogical way to excuse yourself for do some bad things.

And stop reading those gibberish ideas from internet--especially social networking sites. And stop thinking that those gibberish and rubbish ideas are funny.

#illogicalruletheinternet #socialnetworkdestroyinglogicalthinking
#illogical #illogicalidea #badthings #excuseyourself #hookupagirlinasec #romanticinvolvement

P.S. See. Those gibberish and rubbish ideas became extremely famous. But so many good ideas or very important things like society and political issues, people made them to shut up--those are very negative things they said.
I remember a few weeks or a month ago, so many people talked about Trump's wrongdoing. But now they all--even I can call it completely shut up in social media. He was doing same thing but social media, especially people shut up about it because people saying they were sooo upset to see negative things.
People became more and more mindless.. Of course, that's why Zombie movies and Zombie TV shows are soooo popular.

P.S. Slightly different but almost same story - This is the reality---how Apple fanboy dominated this world. - Reality of web storage service. @ March 29, 2017 - my other blog.

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