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Sunday, May 31, 2020

What a strange democratic country! #2

You can also read my previous post - What a strange democratic country! @ March 4, 2020

...when the looting starts, the shooting starts.
Almost impossible to grasp what this sentence means. This is what 'cultural differences' were.
I don't think any democratic country--government can come up with this--this kind of sentence.

If they do, police must have several police-bat to carry around. So they can start 'throw them'.

Monday, March 09, 2020

It's easy to make shocking things--especially bad things. But in reality, it wasn't that. - Coronavirus in Korea.

This is what I thought about it for the title--It's easy to make shocking things--especially bad things (easy money, you can call it that, unfortunately.) But in reality, it wasn't that.
Or this:
Things aren't that worse than what it appears to be, if you can realise it.

I talked about the series of unfortunate events, coronavirus in Daegu, Korea in previous post--It's just series of unfortunate events. COVID19, coronavirus in Daegu, Korea. @ February 27, 2019

What I did explain about the coronavirus in Daegu, that trend continues. And even more so that now it's like almost 200 to 400 people were infected everyday.

 Here is previous post's stats:

COVID-19 in Korea - stats of February 21 and February 26, 2020

Now numbers were 7,382--see the stats below photo. You can compare them (see the stats from above photo) with about thirteen days ago--February 26, it was 1,146. And about eighteen days ago--February 21, it was just 156.
More deaths. Now 51 people were dead.
Things looked quite terrifying, isn't it?

Here is the today's stats:
COVID-19 in Korea - stats of March 9, 2020

But what not many news-media reported is this--I don't really trying to read or watch news media though. So I might missed something.

Anyway, as you can see from above photo's stats,
infected case and death numbers are increasing. But what you should know is that...that's not whole story.
Quite surprisingly, some people who infected coronavirus were released from hospital. I am quite not sure about how to call it. So I just call it 'dis-infected'. Dis-infected case(released from hospital) also increasing.
And I have no idea how they cured and what kind of treatment it worked and etc or does wrongly included in infected person--I highly doubt that though.

Dis-infected case (released from hospital) were almost triple times more than death--in Korea. Not sure about other country though.
51 vs 166.

Yesterday, I noticed those number--130 so I thought about to write it. I didn't see the chart from Korean government website yesterday.
And now Korean government website include the chart--number of dis-infected case vs death. So that is very clever move--now news-media will report this, I guess.

COVID-19 in Korea - stats of March 9, 2020 - dis-infected case vs death

I can't say 'coronavirus COVID-19 is treatable' but it will be in some time in the future. Hopefully very soon.
So if those dis-infected cases kept increasing like that, it can happen quite soon, I hope.

It's not always bad things happening in this world. Good things also happening in this world.
News media tend to spread shocking things on the front. Not many people talked about behind story.

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

What a strange democratic country!

What Europeans told me about the U.S.--what a strange democratic country!

"Feels cool to be bullied into voting for Bernie." by Melissa Stetten

Why would you 'feel bullied' for voting to someone? I don't know much about them but I heard some story about the progressive, liberal and democrat before.
So there has so much more about the situation.

Anyway, this tells me--in a way, U.S. society is very similar like Korean society.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

It's just series of unfortunate events. COVID19, coronavirus in Daegu, Korea.

I talked about it before--three days ago, Coronavirus spread in my hometown--Daegu, Korea. @ February 24, 2020

And now some strange news article popping around internet via social network, I think.

It's just series of unfortunate events.
He or she didn't know that he or she had a coronavirus. COVID19
And people in the cult knew that many Koreans tend to believe that their religion was very bad--lots of people were saying 'terrible' cult.
So they thought media and Koreans were attacking their religion. So they did things like go to hideout--what I mean is that they didn't come out sooner.
And that's how they spread virus so much, I guess.

And before last week or so, Korean government ask to list of that cult's member. And at the time, cult's organisation didn't know how serious that was.
And.... unfortunately, it was too late.

So now--finally they were come out---with virus.

COVID-19 in Korea - stats of February 21 and February 26, 2020

As you can see from the photo,
last week,
- February 20, it was 82 people.
- February 21, it was 156 people.
And then yesterday,
- February 26, it was 1,146 people.
Only 5 days were passed--above photo, it's 10 times more.

Last a few days, everyday 70 to 100+ people were found that they have COVID-19.
And most of them were related to the Sinchunji--cult and Cheongdo Daenam hospital.

The rest of people in Daeu, were fine.

I'm currently living in Daegu but I don't think I will get COVID-19. Daegu was kind of locked down city now because of that.
People were staying at home, mostly.

almost empty park after COVID19 at Daegu and taken at February 21, 2020 23:52pm.

Photo taken at February 21, 2020 23:52pm.
It was very late night but it was different than any other day--most of the time, I can see a few people even if it was late night.
And you can see very right side (across the river) which had a road and which usually lots of cars were passing through. But it was almost empty at the time.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Coronavirus spread in my hometown--Daegu, Korea.

I think this is what's happening in my home town--Daegu.

"It's unusual for respiratory diseases transmissible even before the first symptoms have occurred," he told Al Jazeera.
"But the consequences is that if it happens then they have no public health means to sort out or to identify people at risk of transmitting, because they don't even know that they're ill yet."
 - quoted from How does coronavirus spread and how can you protect yourself? @ February 20, 2020

Anyway, I'm fine--for now, I guess.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Is this good thing? Or worst to humanity--not climate change, it's climate crisis.

Yesterday, I wrote like this--twitter and facebook:

Yesterday was July 12, 2019(middle of the July so it should be Summer) so temperature should be like 33+ Celsius during the daytime and 24+ Celsius during the nighttime.
But as you can see below photo,
Strange summer weather in one of hottest city--town, Daegu, in Korea.

It's not even 30 Celsius during the daytime and 20+ Celsius during the nighttime.

And today I found this from facebook memories--I also did tweet about it:

You can see the temperature.

Later it changed again though.

Summer wasn't feel like Summer.

Is this good thing? Or worst to humanity--not climate change, it's climate crisis.

It's not climate change, it's climate crisis.

You can read more from tweets below:

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Remember, tweets can easily removed by....

I have number of twitter accounts and blogs because each account had quite different topics that I'm writing about.

Are we really living in twenty first century?

My writings and tweets were quite shocking to the others which means it will be removed by force. But we were living in the twenty first century so I'm quite sure that we had freedom of speech.
Meanwhile, I had this feeling that some of my writings can be kicked out by force--someone or some organisation cleverly claim copyright issues or some political issues.

But I didn't much care because I'm not writing many things in my English blog--yet.

And I just found out that tweets that I shared were gone.

I am sharing many things in my twitter account so I didn't know how many of my tweets were gone.
And when I tried to find my previous tweet--that twitter account don't have many tweets because recently I started doing write things there, I can see "This Tweet is unavailable." message.
And I relised that retweet or attached other people's tweets were gone.

Here is the one that unavailable:
Screenshot of unavailable tweets which I tweeted at April 17, 2019

So I clicked that tweet and only see "Sorry, that page doesn't exist!" message:
Source link:
Screenshot of unavailable tweets - page doesn't exist message.

And I'd like to know what happen to the owner of this tweets:
Source link:
Screenshot of unavailable tweet's owner account - this account doesn't exist

So I googled about Sophie Warnes and she still has other social media accounts like medium, flickr, etc.
She probably just deleted her twitter account--she works as journalist so she didn't have to delete her twitter account...don't you think?
But you should ask yourself "Why journalist wants to delete twitter account?".

So I tweeted about this:

Other re-tweeted tweet that was deleted.

I just re-tweeted tweet and original tweet was gone so I couldn't find that tweet. But luckily I did blog about it and I did find this--embedded tweets can keep the tweet like this:
other tweet that deleted - luckily I wrote in my blog.
Source link:

So I search the same deleted video and found it - here is the video of above tweet:

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