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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Is this good thing? Or worst to humanity--not climate change, it's climate crisis.

Yesterday, I wrote like this--twitter and facebook:

Yesterday was July 12, 2019(middle of the July so it should be Summer) so temperature should be like 33+ Celsius during the daytime and 24+ Celsius during the nighttime.
But as you can see below photo,
Strange summer weather in one of hottest city--town, Daegu, in Korea.

It's not even 30 Celsius during the daytime and 20+ Celsius during the nighttime.

And today I found this from facebook memories--I also did tweet about it:

You can see the temperature.

Later it changed again though.

Summer wasn't feel like Summer.

Is this good thing? Or worst to humanity--not climate change, it's climate crisis.

It's not climate change, it's climate crisis.

You can read more from tweets below:

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Remember, tweets can easily removed by....

I have number of twitter accounts and blogs because each account had quite different topics that I'm writing about.

Are we really living in twenty first century?

My writings and tweets were quite shocking to the others which means it will be removed by force. But we were living in the twenty first century so I'm quite sure that we had freedom of speech.
Meanwhile, I had this feeling that some of my writings can be kicked out by force--someone or some organisation cleverly claim copyright issues or some political issues.

But I didn't much care because I'm not writing many things in my English blog--yet.

And I just found out that tweets that I shared were gone.

I am sharing many things in my twitter account so I didn't know how many of my tweets were gone.
And when I tried to find my previous tweet--that twitter account don't have many tweets because recently I started doing write things there, I can see "This Tweet is unavailable." message.
And I relised that retweet or attached other people's tweets were gone.

Here is the one that unavailable:
Screenshot of unavailable tweets which I tweeted at April 17, 2019

So I clicked that tweet and only see "Sorry, that page doesn't exist!" message:
Source link:
Screenshot of unavailable tweets - page doesn't exist message.

And I'd like to know what happen to the owner of this tweets:
Source link:
Screenshot of unavailable tweet's owner account - this account doesn't exist

So I googled about Sophie Warnes and she still has other social media accounts like medium, flickr, etc.
She probably just deleted her twitter account--she works as journalist so she didn't have to delete her twitter account...don't you think?
But you should ask yourself "Why journalist wants to delete twitter account?".

So I tweeted about this:

Other re-tweeted tweet that was deleted.

I just re-tweeted tweet and original tweet was gone so I couldn't find that tweet. But luckily I did blog about it and I did find this--embedded tweets can keep the tweet like this:
other tweet that deleted - luckily I wrote in my blog.
Source link:

So I search the same deleted video and found it - here is the video of above tweet:

Friday, March 22, 2019

Iraq invasion - I strongly suggest to watch 'Why We Fight' documentary.

My friend shared this:

"the war on Iraq began." No. You should write "Iraq invasion began".

So I googling about it. And found this interesting article - Why did Bush go to war in Iraq? | Iraq | Al Jazeera @ March 20, 2019 by Ahsan I Butt.
Author quoted interesting writing so I am quoting, too:
In a 2002 column, Jonah Goldberg coined the "Ledeen Doctrine", named after neoconservative historian Michael Ledeen. The "doctrine" states: "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business."

I was interested because I know USA kept attacking other country.
I wrote this before - USA has banned 7 Muslim countries which USA is currently bombing 5 of them and.... @ January 29, 2017

If you wanted to know the reason--probably just one part though, I strongly suggest to watch 'Why We Fight' documentary.

There has interesting story, too. So I'm quoting about it:
quoted from Why We Fight (2005 film) - Wikipedia
The producer's list included "more than a dozen organizations, from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to the United Kingdom's BBC, Estonia's ETV and numerous European broadcasters" but no U.S. names.
Writer and director Jarecki said "serious examination of Eisenhower and the aftermath of his speech proved 'too radical' for potential American funders for his film" and except for Sundance, he "could not raise a dollar in the U.S."

I found other interesting idea from Why We Fight official website ( - Q&A with Eugene Jarecki - About the film
Quoted from Q&A with Eugene Jarecki:
Why do you think we are fighting in Iraq?
Many reasons. There have been so many reasons given for why we are in Iraq - from WMDs to oil, from a democratic crusade to the desire by influential geostrategists to reassert American global power in the wake of 9/11. None of these answers alone is comprehensive. Rather, I think they're all partially true. The war seems to have been of shared service to a range of interests - a coming together of imperial thinkers, global petroleum concerns, and a culture of militarism that tilts toward/requires war to self-perpetuate. After 9/11 all of these came together to create the almost unexplainable momentum that pushed the country to war.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Men+guns or Toddlers+guns...Everything is about blame game in USA.

Previously, I wrote this - It's about Men + violence. If so, must be about Toddler + violence? Wrong idea about gender equality issue. @ October 6, 2017

This tweet probably slightly different than previous tweet. But it has same purpose--trying to point out the gender equality issue. So it was same thing.

Here is what I wrote--retweeted about it:

Those embeded tweet won't searchable text so I will write in text form:
RT @MelissaStetten: RT @missmayn: Either guns are the problem or men are, and we're getting rid of one, so, what's it gonna be?

Told you before - #Fact: #Toddlers Killed More #Americans than #Terrorists in 2015.
So sentence became - "Either guns are the problem or toddlers are, and we're getting rid of one, so, what's it gonna be?"
Everything is about #blamegame in #USA.

Related post:
 - Terrorism facts are there. But nobody believe or can see that. @ February 02, 2017

Thursday, October 18, 2018

This is don't need to inspire by music video....

I wrote this at my facebook timeline.

I didn't read but here is the link of news:
New York City Had Its First Weekend Without A Shooting In 25 Years : NPR

This is America...not some fantasy's a real life.
You don't need to inspire by music video...think hard about the title. I didn't read because I don't need to.
You have to celebrate--big fuss about...for not killing each other.
Almost all other country--any city, don't need celebrate for that matter. Because everyday, we don't kill each other---for no reason.
quoted from my facebook timeline.

Friday, October 06, 2017

It's about Men + violence. If so, must be about Toddler + violence? Wrong idea about gender equality issue.

I saw this tweet:

And I felt 'it wasn't bad thought' but I don't think it can help gender equality issue or can help reduce gun violence in USA.

So I will simply prove 'why that is':

Fact: Toddlers Killed More Americans than Terrorists in 2015.

That facts are true. So base on the fact, I can say that it's about toddler + violence.

So does make sense to you?

So how it will help gender equality issue? And how it can reduce gun violence in USA?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Illogical idea ruled internet--especially social networking sites.

When I login to tumblr, I saw below post as today's blog:

screenshot of (@tyleroakley) tumblr's post
The Weeknd Hair tweeted - "if you cheat on ya girl once a month thats only 12/365 still 97% faithful. That's an A+"
Thanksgiving Kirkey tweeted - "Actually, if you ever read the syllabus, getting caught cheating results in an automatic 0%"

Three hundred twenty six thousands and six hundred nine people are shared--reblogged or liked this post or reacted this post.

If you think that is good excuse or funny, I will ask this:
So you are saying your are soooo handsome and cool guy that you can hook up a girl in a second? And make romantic involvement in a day?
And you are saying you are staying--not going to work or even go work with her?--with your girlfriend for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year? And you are saying you think about her every moment for 365 days a year?
* Are you Korean? Not whole Korean couples do but many, probably young couples do video call(or voice call) for long hours. Some of them even turn on video call during their work.

If that’s the case, you can say one day(not once, exact amount for one day) a month cheating on her for one year should 12/365 days. If not, you have completely wrong idea about real life.

And don’t think about some illogical way to excuse yourself for do some bad things.

And stop reading those gibberish ideas from internet--especially social networking sites. And stop thinking that those gibberish and rubbish ideas are funny.

#illogicalruletheinternet #socialnetworkdestroyinglogicalthinking
#illogical #illogicalidea #badthings #excuseyourself #hookupagirlinasec #romanticinvolvement

P.S. See. Those gibberish and rubbish ideas became extremely famous. But so many good ideas or very important things like society and political issues, people made them to shut up--those are very negative things they said.
I remember a few weeks or a month ago, so many people talked about Trump's wrongdoing. But now they all--even I can call it completely shut up in social media. He was doing same thing but social media, especially people shut up about it because people saying they were sooo upset to see negative things.
People became more and more mindless.. Of course, that's why Zombie movies and Zombie TV shows are soooo popular.

P.S. Slightly different but almost same story - This is the reality---how Apple fanboy dominated this world. - Reality of web storage service. @ March 29, 2017 - my other blog.

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